• SUENA LA CLAVE – DJ El Dan & Ricky Jo


DJ El Dan & Ricky Jo

From the artistic friendship of two popular authors/producers, a piece of great musical vigor arrives at the gates of the Latin spring.

So Dj El Dan and Ricky Jo present their new single “Suena La Clave”, a pressing salsa full of energy, excellent for unleashed “Ruedas” but also for purely couple choreography.

Always in the name of fun Suena La Clave is the result of a perfectly compatible musical affinity between “Ricky Jo” popular singer and platinum record and the Dj / producer “El Dan” who from his esteemed Calabria manages to dominate the whole Italy and beyond.

And it is precisely this artistic friendship that the song talks about, noting in its refrain “la salsa sabrosa de Ricky Jo y Dj El Dan”; a sincere, immediate and enthralling refrain, full of rhythm and the desire to have a “fiesta”.

Suena La Clave is however dedicated to all those who love to go wild on the dance floor with the most imaginative choreographies and it is precisely for this reason that some of the greatest Cuban dancers of the moment are called, such as Roly Maden and Maikel Fonts.

“Caminalo, Caminalo” sings Ricky Jo, to invite everyone, together with Dj El Dan, to an evening of captivating Latin music.

“Suena la clave”, distributed by Rose Music with the participation of Downbridge Publishing and Alosibla Music Store, will be available in digital format in the main digital stores.