• SUENA - Valerio El Director feat Jhonny Marin


Valerio El Director feat Jhonny Marin

The new single “Suena,” scheduled for June 2024, bears the signature of Valerio El Director with the participation of Jhonny Marin. “Suena” is a powerful and pressing descarga salsera, full of references to the typical fundamental and essential elements of Latin music: “the rhythm and its percussions.”

Jhonny Marin does not hesitate to recall the style, sound, and energy of what inspires the dancers’ exciting choreographies, guiding everyone, including musicians, towards improvisation, which is always the most magical and exhilarating music moment.

So, here returns, strong and overwhelming, Valerio El Director’s passion for Latin music, who, together with Tito Moreno and Gino Brigida, conducts a team that leaves no doubt about his music creativity.

“Suena” is proposed by MB Music. Distribution in all major digital stores is entrusted to the Alosibla Music Store. For further information, please visit the website at www.alosiblamusicstore.com.