• Te Mentia - Javier Jimenez ft. El Steve DJ

Te Mentia


A selection of esteemed authors are the protagonists of a bachata that opens the summer 2021; Stefano Zanotto, Gino Brigida, Tito Moreno sign the splendid notes and words of “Te Mentia”, a typical Dominican bachata interpreted by Javier Francisco Jimenez, singer born in Brooklyn and bachatero “Doc”.

Javier can count on numerous collaborations in particular with Toby Love, but above all he has a great passion for music born since he was 5 years old. Guitarist and later solo singer Javier naturally comunicates his Dominican origins transmitted from his father. Te Mentia comes out as a single supported by the artistic collaboration of “El Steve Dj”, who will take care of the promotion together with MB Music. It will be the popularity of El Steve Dj that shall give light and visibility to the song among passionate dancers. The dominant theme is always love, with its many emotions but also with its contradictions and weaknesses channeled through the typical Dominican notes and their sinuous rhythms.

Produced by MB Music with the collaboration of Alosibla Music Group who will take care of the promotion, Te Mentia will be available from 3 June 2021 in streaming and download in all major digital stores.

For more information, visit www.alosiblamusicstore.com