• Te Quiero Besar

Te Quiero Besar


Love and desire are the dominant themes of “Te Quiero Besar”, the latest bachata signed by Luigi Brigida (alias Gino Producer) and Stefano Zanotto (alias El Stevie Dj), interpreted by the unmistakable voice of Gio ‘El Leon Voz a Voz. A bouquet of romanticism, sentiment and emotion enhanced by Gio’s profound words that run smoothly, merging with the delicate rhythms and sounds typical of Dominican bachata. Longing for love and happy intimacy with your life partner, in search of a destiny of passion and delicate harmony.

The music of Luigi Brigida and El Stevie Dj is perfect to accompany this harmony, involving without reserve the most passionate dancers.

Te Quiero Besar comes out as a single supported by the artistic collaboration of “El Steve Dj”, who will take care of the promotion together with MB Music. Thanks to its popularity “Te Quiero Besar” will be the protagonist of the Latin American nights of all main Italian discos.

Produced by MB Music in collaboration with Downbridge Publishing, Te Quiero Besar will be available from August 2021 in streaming and download in all major Musical Stores.

For information, visit www.alosiblamusicstore.com

Press Release by iArt Comunications