• tembla_lagorra



Dance teacher, all-round entertainer, through hard work and dedication he has progressed from dancing in local shows to dancing in international competitions, he has been part of the main dance environments for many years. Those skills and a wide music culture, developed since he was a child, enabled Alessio Giuliani, A.K.A A.G. “La Gorra”, to make his debut as a singer and song-writer, with the help of Matteo Pesaresi, creator of the project named “Otra Fuente”, together with the artistic direction of the producer Tony Velardi, who curates the instrumental and phonic parts, with a really appreciated support given by Franco “Merlino”. The management of this project was followed completely by Alosibla Music Group staff.

The aim of this collaboration is to take parts of latin and other types of music and mixing them together to form an experimental style which can be used in various contexts. This idea of fusion has always been used by A.G. “La Gorra” in his dance choreographies.

The song “TEMBLA” fully represents this idea, being first a Dembow, with one of the recurring structure of 90’s Dance Music, completed with selected Dubstep arrangements.

The text of the song was written using Cuban slang, to which the components of the group are really attached, perfect because of its typical expressions used above all in the Latin Urban field.

The story is allusive and ambiguous, the title was distorted on purpose in order to enable the public to give their own interpretation to its meaning, but also for phonetic reasons.

Now we just need to wait confidently for the public response!