• TOCA TOCA 2020


Dj Chama / Ricky Jo / Tony Flex

Toca Toca was a winning song that gave great satisfaction to Talento Havana, popular performers of numerous hits; produced in its first version in 2011 by Dj Chama, with voices and lyrics by the same leaders of the band at the time, before appearing on Salsa.It Vol. 9, he was already a protagonist in the entertainment evenings, in particular in Turin and Sicily , but of course its popularity has also excited tracks around the world.

Almost 10 years after the birth of this Hit, Ricky Jo and Dj Chama decide to re-propose a second version, totally different in musical structure and arrangements but similar in spirit, with a new energy perfect to replicate the sure involvement of all the dancers.

A rookie “MC”, Mr. Tony Flex aka El King del Perreo directly from Cuban Flex, further inflames the sound of this “Reggaeton Viral” that will leave a powerful and indelible mark.

The result is not long in coming, almost 2000 streaming in 24 hours and this data suggests that this “Toca Toca 2020” version will far exceed the previous one in 2011.

The Challenge has already started on Tik Tok, so we are waiting for your video. Have a good listening.