• 01 Dj Lindo & Néstor Pacheco - Mi Guaguanco
  • 02 Ando Buscando Respuestas
  • 03 La tristeza Dj Lindo feat Josue Hern
  • 04 Cuando Te Beso -Dj Lindo feat Alexa
  • 05 El Viejo de Papradno
  • 06 Udine a la Carte - Dj Lindo feat Nestor Pacheco
  • 07 Un Día a la Vez - Dj Lindo feat La Mafia Latina & Elio Pacheco
  • 08 Y Porque- Dj Lindo feat Wito Colon.
  • 09 Dj Lindo & Néstor Pacheco - En El Balcón Aquel
  • 10 Dj Lindo - Dj Lindo Con Criterio (Feat. Valerio El Director)
  • 11 Mark Arias ft. Dj Lindo - Llego La Descarga

Traigo De Mi Pasado

Dj Lindo

The Salsa style album by Albert Giorgio Giovanni Fiorentù aka Dj Lindo will be available from June 5, 2023.

A challenging but artistically striking work that has seen the fulfillment of a dream that has grown throughout his long career under the name of Latin music and that has involved him in the most varied guises and roles, from Caribbean dance teacher to DJ and composer; thus was born “Traigo De Mi Pasado,” an 11-song musical project full of collaborations and various stylistic imprints that marks the milestone of 26 years of Dj Lindo’s artistic activity.

Accompanying him in this experience, we find Néstor Pacheco, Marco Ronca, Son De Ebano Orquesta, Alexa, Mark Arias, Elio Pacheco (Dimension Latina), La Mafia Latina Orquesta, Wito Rodriguez, Josue Hernandez, Jerard Montana and Valerio El Director, who with all their peculiarities have created a sound of Latin solid energy that will involve all the most passionate dancers, making the most of all the creative directions and ideas proposed by Dj Lindo.

Together with several awards obtained in his activity as a dance teacher, such as 2 diplomas as a teacher of Caribbean dances and participation in the team of dance teachers of “Freude Am Tanzen” in Graz, Austria, Dj Lindo already counts the publication, from 2016 onwards, of several singles that officially crown him as Dj-Producer.

Traigo De Mi Pasado will not only be a milestone but is also an intermediate step in Dj Lindo’s artistic project, as he will have much more to tell through his future productions.

Distributed by Alosibla Music Group and published by Downbridge Publishing and MB Music Consulting, “Traigo De Mi Pasado” will be available in all major digital stores.